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The Nonverbal Learning Disorders Association (NLDA) held its 11th Annual Symposium at San Jose State University, in San Jose, California, in March 2007. NLDA is a world-wide nonprofit organization dedicated to research, education, and advocacy for nonverbal learning disorders. The presenters at the symposium all were psychiatrists, psychologists, or social workers currently studying learning disorders or counseling individuals who have these disorders – all, that is, except Susan who was the only layman invited to speak. Susan's talk, “Navigating on the Moon,” explained what it is like for NLD-people to navigate a world constructed and run by people without NLD-like brains. Susan spoke about how she, a law professor with severe cognitive deficits in all the typical NLD domains, found what she calls “the other way round” – strategies for coping in a world that was made by and for so-called “normal” folks. The audience consisted of doctors and other mental health professionals, as well as people with NLD, their families and friends. At the end of her talk, Susan received a standing ovation.

Tom Ross, Secretary of Sarah's Place, also attended the Symposium. While at the Symposium, Susan and Tom met many who have NLD, and their families. Tom and Susan also had a productive conversation about practical interventions with Carol Stockdale, Director of the ARK Institute of Learning in Tacoma, Washington, and Michele Berg, Founder of the Center for Learning Disabilities in Topeka, Kansas. Susan hopes that Sarah’s Place will be able to collaborate with these organizations in the future.