Susan P. Koniak

Susan P. Koniak is the President and founder of Sarah’s place. For most of her professional career, Susan was a professor of law at Boston University. A co-author of a leading legal textbook and many articles, Susan has been profiled in the Wall St. Journal, Corporate Board Member’s 100 Best Corporate Lawyers Edition 2003,and the American Lawyer Magazine. She testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee of the United States Congress on lawyer involvement in the Enron collapse and similar corporate scandals and before the House Judiciary Committee on abuse by class action lawyers. Susan was born with a neurological condition that was not professionally diagnosed until she was 50 years old. At 45 the methods Susan had devised to compensate (manage in a world not structured for her brain) began to become less available to her. Five years later, the medical community recognized the problem. Susan’s response was to found Sarah’s place.